a hundred years later and exams are over with...so far I have completed exams in farmacology, pathology, genetics, mokrobiology and biochemistry. Exams are strange in that as soon as I have left the exam room, I have literally forgotten the subject. D tells me that all the information is there somewhere or other. It's difficult to imagine...

September was a beautiful month, with lots of sunshine and the shimmer of gold shining of the leaves of the trees, my mother's visit (in 8 years) and my birthday. Because of the exams I never got to celebrate in a big way so I am planning a birthday party, one month later, on saturday. Have bought some beautiful candles and naplins for the occassion.

D and I have been discussing what I should make food wise. He's great at starters and choosing wines! the menu will be a little something like this:

starter: pasties filled with salmon and chevre.
Rocket salad with baby tomatoes on the side.

Main course: Baked salmon in pasto sauce of garlic, ginger and fresh coriander, served with sweet potato chips and a huge green salad.

Cheese time!!! I hope they are all into the cheese thing...

Desert: Nigella Lawson's chocolate cups, hot out the oven and divine served with chocolate.

I have invited Gabs, Cecile, Tora, Marianne, Sonya, Karin, Tracey and Bjorg...

D and the boys are off to the cottage in the weekend so I have the place to myself...

Looking soo forward to cooking for these special bunch of people I am grateful to know!

taking the boys to the cinema today and then out to eat! It will be Elias's first cinema veiwing!!!


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