The christmas holidays have given me a bit of a break from my studies. I had nearly forgotten about this blogsite until a friend recently mentioned it over dinner. I haven't had time and I feel rottem to have began something which has no end in mind...mind you I think the blog dies with the blogger and I ain't dead yet.

The weather in Oslo: icy though on Christmas day it was unussually mild and the sun was blindingly bright as I drove the kids towards my sister's place. D prepared dinner: salmon pasties, small petit brouches filled up with an assortment of smoked duck, prawns and caviar, salmon...the main course consisted of a whole roasted duck (roasted very slowly until the skin was soo crisp and the meat fell clean from the bone), new potatoes roasted with herb de provence and olive oil, asparagus, and a green leaf salad. We forgot to buy cheese! After all the french delights we forget the best part of tasting the red wine! Polished of the meal with the chocolate orange cake. H was sick with a high fever as was my mother in law so there was a lot of cake left for the rest of us!

I am coming down with something right now...the flu. Itchy throat and heavy headed.

I have a pile of books to read for school. Back there on the 6th january. We are moving to a beautiful building which was Oslo's old Mariner college. It has this magnificent veiw over Oslo's fjørd! I was just trying to find a picture of the place...but instead ended up looking at people looking joyfully happy! Amongst others Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! Lovely!


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