Feed me mouthfuls of love. Nourish me. Cherish me. Bleed for me a tear of crimson blood. Full of vigour and sudden impulse, could you do that for me? Nurture my strange proclivities, whatever the caprice. Revere, adore & treasure me. Devour my words as your own. Drive me but allow me dominion. Tust me. Kiss me. Be mine solely. Speak to me! Think outloud! Learn, teach, express with me. Love me for little me & not a momentary fancy, but a tangible happy everlasting union of 2. Never mislead me with a feigned devotion. Trouble me with the truth. Never spare me. Feed me chaste love, untarnished of uncertainty or dishonesty. And in every way and more I will reciporate.
There is no harm in voicing a doubt. Should be well thought out. Yes now before submitting your heart into the sanctuary of marriage with pragmatic little me.


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