I was far from inconspicuous in those rags and the powder painted face.
Lipstick slipping from my mouth onto the wine bottle I drank from.
The party was full of bad disguises.
& I was by far the worst.

I found a seat on the sofa and clung onto my bottle of wine;
A nervous wreck washed up on the strangest of shores.
I first noticed you when you came out onto the balcony,
Where I stood with my friends;
An entourage of eccentrics blowing rings of smoke out into the sharp
Autumn air.

You were clad in a Victorian shirt and fake blood ran from your mouth.
The girls were craning their heads to the side for the fatal bite.
And you bit into their dainty pallid necks.
Aha! A vampire!
But something gave you away when you stood before me
Preparing to bite me and I had said ever so politely “No Thank you”.
Your beautiful eyes gave it all away…
Perhaps even deceived you.

Later you asked me to dance and I declined.
Again you had asked and I had stumbled fourth
Moved my arms and legs, said that the music was crap
And stumbled back to my seat…
(I had already left you with no prior warning.)
You found someone else to dance with,
A faceless girl in black or red,
I don’t remember.
I recall feeling drunk and being daring enough to kick you.

My eyes followed your every move,
And the rest of the party was only a backdrop
For greater things…
In the bathroom, hallway, someone’s bedroom, perhaps even the kitchen (Did we?) we kissed
…till our mouths swelled with the taste of mango…a glorious fruit.

Even then I knew my hands had found a home
Entwined in your hands.

But here we are 5 years later

And I can still taste the mango of our first kiss.


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