Yesterday Sabha and I drove in her new car around the city. Inevitably we didn't have anywhere to go. Everyone else we knew were decently at their workplaces and schools, while we were just aimlessly driving around the city with her new car, a nippy VW Golf, and finding great joy in listening to songs we listened to together almost 10 years ago. We ended up finding pupose in IKEA of all bloody places, piling our trolleys with unneccesary objects which we later deposited on shelves just before the check out.
We laughed alot.
We talked non stop.
I think that sometimes when we are together we end up alienating others who may happen to be around us. It's as if we were speaking a foreign language, closing out others who would love to join in on our laughter. It's just they wouldn't get it. Jokes in Urdu are difficult to translate into English and Scottish jokes are difficult to translate into Norwegian etc...but it's not just that. We have all these hidden references and are sarcasm is not for the weak definetly not...

Today I canny just waste my day.. I have 6 books to get through before the 14th October. The kitchen is freezing so I have done like we'd do in the southside of Glasgow and that is heat up the oven and open it's door to warm me up. It was still summer weather till yesterday.


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I think we are having one of our last days of summer today. The sun is shining, lighting up everything around me, but it is cold. I feel at times that life has no purpose and it frightens me. Being only 24 years old and have to look forward to at least 60 more years of life, without purpose. But I have started to see things differently. Life is filled with small moments, that warm my heart and leave a smile on my face. Moments shared with people I trust and love, can cry with and laugh with. These moments make life worth living...And I shared that moment with Aminah in my new car.
Sorry for my driving being rough- but we got to our destinations!!!
Love you

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