The good news first : Passing my driving test! About bloody time to. I had first started driving in 1990. Riffit was taking me out on trips round Milngavie and back, telling me to lay off the clutch a bit and showing me how to switch gears smoothly. Later I'd go out alone around the local area enjoying the freedom of a car, going round and round Baljaffray at 25mph! I'd switch on the radio and roll down the window and make a circuit of our local area and be back home for dinner. Mum would warn me that my dad wouldn't like me going of with his Datsun Sunny. Soon dad allowed me to drive on his trips to Polloksheilds, over the wet and windy M8, listening to Urdu Ghuzuls. He would warn me stearnly "SLOWLY now". Two years later when he was diagnosed with cancer, I missed the comfort of his voice as I drove illegally along streets in search of late night pharmacys.
Mum relied on me to pick up groceries and halal meats and Riffit could ask me to drive her car to the local garage for a service and I would eagerly agree to these errands. In that tiny space of a car I had my music, the heater and the sound of the rain pattering against the windsheild. What a joy!

I remembered that joy and so I decided it was about time I took my driving test. I hadn't driven in 11 years but I suppose it's a bit like riding a bike...once you've mastered won't forget it. The driving test in Norway is not a simple case of theory and then 30 minutes of driving. Quite the contrary! One has to take a driving on ice test (since there is no ice on the roads yet, we had to drive on a tarmac slippy with a combination of oil and water). Also there are obligatory courses in long distance driving (we drove around 8 hours), overtaking, theory test and night driving!

And after the ordeal of 0ne month of taking all these courses and tests I passed my test!

My dad would have been proud!


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