I always wake up way before I want to be waking up.
Today it was 5 am.
What does one do at 5am ?
Make a cup of tea (nettle tea) with the obligatory 1teaspoon of honey
Read yesterday's Dagsavisen. Today's newspaper is still in plastic binding
on the street outside my window.
Read the guardian, check emails (think of replying to DR's email, but can't
get my head around recent events and decide it's too early in the morning
for a total post mortem of our friendship).
Blogging this but feel I have to contain my thoughts...so have decided to
change my blog address!

Last ned MSN Messenger gratis http://www.msn.no/computing/messenger - Den
raskeste veien mellom deg og dine venner

The books read this summer (I know, It's not over yet) were
"Tell me how long the train's been gone" James Baldwin (utterly absorbing)
"Dark back of time" Javier Marias (excellent Spanish writer)
"Fear and Trembling" AMELIE NOTHOMB (the one and only...my favourite author right now...
"The taxi driver's daughter" Julie Darling (lovely name..sharp writer)
and laughed and cried reading Wendy Cope's "Making cocoa for Kingsley Amis".

Blogged enough for the day now...off to shout at CNN and then make sense of it all by reading The Guardian.
The world seems to have stood still in Oslo these days, more so than usual. The cafes are empty of the usual pretencious lot and instead the park is full of tourists as opposed to the city's spill of folk searching for a refuge from being seen to be doing absolutly nothing. The crowds tend to inhabit the park and fill it, naturally with their own personally chosen activity. Noone does nothing in Oslo, as if it were forbidden. They will rollerboot, throw frizbee (spelling?!), jog ( always looking unhappy-I am still to pass a gleamingly joyfilled jogger),play rugby, football, badmington, and the few who not unlike me find themselves exhausted even by watching all this physical activity, lounge on the grass barbequing unsightly morsels of meat .Only the brave stare in to space, risking being stared at...
So after a long holiday (yes Robina, very long and very luxurious and no we are not millionaires, but gawd do I wish we were!! I heard that she was very annnoyed by me and my holidaying, but I have only concluded that she would only be happy if I was in living in a dampridden bedsit and she could then visit me and sympathise.Pleased to have learnt the grace of being happy for others!), reality starts to kick in. Children's schools and playgroups in need of preparation. Studies commence on the 3rd september, which will inevitably eat up all free time and those moments of pleasurably doing absolutly nothing.

Whatever happened to all those moments...