DR called me this morning and shouted down the phone 'just shut up and listen to me...write for gawds sake'. So I am and I have written a piece for an edinburgh publishing firm. Making the gluten free cakes and writing some pieces which may interest some poor sod out there, may bring in some well needed cash. Unemployment is gnawing a hole in my pocket.
And yes I plan to send DR work to edit and yes I will stop thinking about it and instead do just that. A bit of self belief wouldn't go amiss mate!
Yesterday we were at Thomas and Sylvies' place for a barbeque. The live on the highest point overlooking Oslo fjord where the sky meets the sea ! Daniel and I grilled our infamous pakistani kebabs while everyone else grilled tasteless morsels of meat! Hopped on the outdoor trampoline ! Great fun! If only we had a garden..........


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