walking home.
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Recently saw a photograph of my sister R which inspired me to take these pictures. The similarity in face shape and features soo apparent. Alot of our father's looks I guess.  Posted by Hello
Maria telling me to get rid of the camera ! Posted by Hello
Helge obviously not particularly convinced of my theory related to the define psychological differences between the male and female species! Apoteket, wednesday evening. Posted by Hello
up early at the crack of dawn... Posted by Hello
Warm weather despite the winter Posted by Hello
The longest winter Posted by Hello
Despite the clatter and chatter of a dinner party, the little one fell asleep in D's arms. Posted by Hello

The marzipan bumble bees sinking into the honeyed chocolate..... Posted by Hello
The chocolate orange cake ! Yes the one with the whole orange, no butter or flour and perfect for the gluten intolerant amongst us ! nigella.com for further details...... Posted by Hello
Mastering the satisfactory art of baking ! My mother has never succeeded in baking a cake having never mustered up the patience to measure out the exact measurements required for the perfect cake. Baking is a lesson in patience and perservance. Nigella Dawson's book Feast aided me in making these cakes for the party...without it I would have been doomed !  Posted by Hello
The picture says it all. Posted by Hello
The tsunami disaster has left us all with questions of why and how ?

A friend of mine pointedly asked me what kind of God would do a thing like that, killing thousands and creating mass devastation ? I suppose some things are beyond our comprehension and that I would personally prefer to contemplate, seek to help those in need and pray rather than to sit angrily in the darkness.