I unconfused my mind.
My eyes reflected
A look departed.
The room was as I found it almost one year earlier;
Pallid walls, wool rug, bed and desk.
Everything was as it should have been.
I had never been there.

I closed the door with trembling hands,
Locking out a memory before it ruined my perfectly unobtrusive exit.
The dusty steps creaked under my boots. My
Suitcase bashed the walls as I hurried down the narrow stairwell,
Of an old tenement block on Springbank terrace.

I did not look back
Until today.

The taxi pulled away fast, ripping memories to shreds.
The streets blurred as my eyes brimmed with tears.

I tore myself away from Aberdeen and you
all. That
Which remains
Our little city on the brink of the North Sea;
Never abadoned and never forgot and always a vivid memory
In the back of my mind.

To Nighat, Nicole, Ha, Mollo and Dalli for all our midnight walks and talks across the beach in winter!!! Definitely a walk on the wild side!


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